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The is larger than I anticipated. both sides were sharp adequate as well as well aimed. The saw is alright however I aren't sure if it will certainly sever hefty rope. The holster at very first looked large as well as uneasy, as the edges were not rounded and also it was quite rectangular and also a little bit low-cost looking (hey it's $10). Nonetheless, with the rubber leashes and also clips it stays on really well and also does not change. I wore it for numerous hrs and also did not see it on me! So in spite of its looks, this blade hrc actually is quite comfy as well as not cumbersome for its size. Now, the locking system is very secure. That being claimed, the clearance at complete open is simply enough to obtain the blade out, makings it a little bit tricky to take it out with one hand. The greatest allow down of this blade is that the method the lock is made, it does not permit the blade to be glided back in. The lock switch needs to be clinically depressed fully then the knife could be inserted. This implies it takes 2 hands to obtain the knife back in. This is an extremely unfortunate layout defect. The holes in the knife, though not indicated to truly be practical, besides maybe the leading one, shows rough knit lines from the spreading process. It is not brightened around either. Nonetheless I will get some rough sand paper to it and hopefully it will be sufficient making it a little bit much better. Generally the essential function of this blade isn't really negative and also the blade is durable and sharp enough to obtain the work done. For $10 its good, but the draw techshop.earthlink.net/Zip%252BDiving%252BKnife%252B%25257C%252BUltra%252BSharp%252B9%252Bx%252B1.6%252BInch%252BDive%252BKnife%252Bfor%252BScuba%252BDiving%25252C%252BWater%252BSports%252Band%252BSnorkeling%252B%25257C%252BDouble%252BEdge%252BSerrated%252BSmooth%252BBlade%252Bwith%252BSheath%252B%25257C%252BExtremely%252BSturdy%252Band%252BLightweight%252BStainless%252BSteel~Software~iB072YWZP75 action is the big killer below. TLDR: Low-cost, tough, comfortable. Great enough for an emergency but not recommended for routine usage (extremely troublesome to change right into the holster). Wondeful product. The knife is all one piece and was sharp after arrival. The holster is constructed from a rubbery type of product and also draws on leg hair. It often seems like it is moving down or the starp loosens but it never does totally. I aimed to use this ocean survival gear on my upper leg yet barely passed. It remained on yet hardly. Far, I did numerous miles of strolling and roller blading while wearing the holster. It stood up the whole time and I evetually neglected I was wearing it. I am not as well eager on blade laws but the blade seems to fit the summary of a blade which is unlawful to bring in my location. Be cautious if you want to carry for concelaed protection.

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